AV & Collaboration

Experience the game-changing fusion of IT with AV and Collaboration expertise. Elevate your organization's potential by seamlessly integrating your existing IT infrastructure technology and audiovisual solutions for unmatched efficiency and an elevated experience.

At cb20 we understand the evolving needs of modern organizations, where seamless integration of technology is not just a luxury but a necessity for success...

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our expansion into AV solutioning, bridging the gap between IT and audiovisual services . By consolidating these traditionally separate offerings into a single, cohesive approach, we empower your organization with streamlined efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and unparalleled innovation. From boardrooms, digital signage and video walls to classrooms and collaboration platforms, our tailored AV solutions are designed to elevate your experience, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – achieving your goals with confidence and clarity. Experience the power of integration with cb20 AV Solutions – where excellence meets unity for the benefit of your organization’s success..

  • A/V design/build services
  • A/V Project Management Services
  • A/V design and consulting services
  • On site staffing and managed service
  • Box sales, audiovisual product centric equipment fulfillment direct to end use
  • Enterprise A/V solutions deployment and management
  • AV as a Service offerings*
  • Collaborative/video conferencing solutions (Zoom/Teams/Google Meet/Webex environments)
  • Presentation systems
  • Classroom technology
  • Sound Masking Solutions
Step 1
Step 1

Review project scope, goals and requirements

Step 2
Step 2

Project timeline

Trade condition for construction related infrastructure

Step 3
Step 3

Project status reviews

Step 4
Step 4

Project punch list

Substantial completion

Step 5
Step 5

Service transition

Customer Satisfaction

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