Strategic Staffing

At cb20, Strategic Staffing means providing highly skilled IT resources to supplement your short or long term staffing needs. To ensure the utmost convenience, our experienced team manages the entire recruiting and onboarding process while allowing you to make the final decision on candidate selection. Our thorough recruiting process includes in-depth job description, review screening and reference checks.

Additionally, we provide ongoing resource support and leadership, inclusive of training and certifications, disciplinary action and ongoing coaching and touch bases. cb20’s Strategic Staffing ensures a predictable and low risk cost structure, as cb20 will own the overhead cost of HR services the customer’s costs are drastically reduced.

Customer Benefits

  • LNo Risk or Commitment
  • LUnemployment costs
  • LHuman Resource process – red tape
  • LAbility to ensure the resource can perform role effectively and is a strong fit for company culture before hiring directly
  • Lcb20 can maintain a pipeline of candidates for high attrition environments
  • LFlexibility to work around any budgeting or HR restrictions
  • LFlexibility to provide day to day operational direction without involvement from cb20 unless requested

A Better Staffing Solution

Recruiting Services

  • We manage the screening and hiring process
  • Customers are engaged to interview and make final decision after vetting and references are checked
  • Access to pipeline of candidates in high attrition environments
  • cb20 has intimate knowledge of current market rates and most desired roles
  • Access to a great pool of technical talent as an IT company

Human Resources Services

  • We complete the entire hiring process and coordinate first day activities
  • Coaching and disciplinary action is handed by cb20 team
  • We provide training and continue education opportunities that will enhance the customer environment

Predictable Monthly Costs

  • Hourly Rate or Fixed Monthly Fee
  • Reduced overhead costs as cb20 is responsible for HR and Recruiting services

cb20 Strategic Staffing Delivery Models

Long Term/Steady State

  • cb20 resources reporting onsite to customer with no defined end date
  • Contracts are written for 12 months with renewal clause
  • cb20 will provide continued education, merit increases and certification opportunities

Project Based or Direct Hire

  • cb20 resources reporting onsite to customer with defined end date based on project requirements OR customer intent for direct hire
  • Contracts are written for 6 month minimum
  • Direct hire prior to 6 months is subject to conversion fee