Welcome to cb20, where technology meets healthcare innovation. As the area’s leading IT solutions provider, we understand that providing the very best patient care and ensuring your patients are always top priority, requires a modernized and highly optimized IT infrastructure in place. Healthcare organizations face a multitude of challenges in today’s rapidly ever-evolving industry. With extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, cb20 is here to empower your healthcare company to overcome these hurdles and deliver exceptional care to your patients while achieving remarkable growth for your business.

At cb20, we recognize that the healthcare landscape is continually transforming. The demand for quality patient care has never been higher, while the pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency is relentless. With our cutting-edge IT solutions and expertise, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically to address the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

One of the primary struggles facing healthcare companies today is the efficient management of patient data and medical records. Our advanced electronic health record (EHR) systems and HIPPA compliant data management solutions streamline the entire process, ensuring secure, accurate, and easily accessible patient information. With our technology, your healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most: delivering personalized care to your patients.

In addition to optimizing your data management processes, we provide robust cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your valuable patient information. With the rising threat of cyberattacks in the healthcare industry, protecting sensitive data has become more critical than ever. Our team of experts implements state-of-the-art security measures, including intrusion detection systems, data encryption, and regular vulnerability assessments, to keep your systems and patient information secure.

Furthermore, we understand that delivering exceptional care requires seamless collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals. Our unified communication solutions enable real-time, secure communication and information sharing across your organization, breaking down silos and improving overall efficiency. Whether it’s instant messaging, video conferencing, or secure file sharing, our unified communication tools foster collaboration, enabling your teams to provide the best possible care to your patients.

As your trusted IT partner, we don’t just address your immediate challenges—we help you plan for the future with our proactive approach. Our team of IT consultants stays at the forefront of healthcare technology trends, ensuring that your organization remains ahead of the curve. We assess your unique needs, develop customized IT strategies, and provide ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation and integration of our solutions into your existing workflows.

By partnering with cb20 you can be confident that your healthcare organization will not only overcome the struggles of today but also thrive in the future. With our innovative IT solutions, you’ll experience improved operational efficiency, enhanced patient care outcomes, and sustainable business growth.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our tailored IT solutions can transform your healthcare organization. Together, let’s revolutionize the way you deliver the best patient care, as seamlessly as possible.

Praise for cb20

Charles C, Enterprise Client

cb20 has been a valued business partner for many years. They take the necessary time to try and understand our underlying business challenges. It is very important that the vendors we choose “know” us. cb20 implements a disciplined approach at reviewing the performance of our network to help reduce any potential issues. The results of their efforts not only help us provide services to both internal and external users in a secure manner, but also allows us to budget for future capital expenditures in advance of compulsory capacity or lifecycle requisites.

Charles C, Enterprise Client

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James W, Enterprise Client

cb20 has been integral in helping us incorporate new technology. They are our trusted advisor-bringing the field experience and knowledge that provide tremendous value. You can’t put a price on that. The support we receive from cb20 is tremendous. From impressive help desk troubleshooting support to advanced level engineering, they are always responsive, organized and ready to solve any issue we may have.

James W, Enterprise Client

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