Network Engineer

The Network Engineer provides assistance in meeting cb20 business objectives in the post-sales support and servicing of security systems and products.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to analysis of customer security profile, design and presentation of security architectures, installation, service, ongoing support, problem resolution, and coordination with cb20 departments, divisions and subsidiaries. May be responsible for all functions of pre-sales support including customer presentation, design, etc.

  • Analyze customer networks, IT architectures, and processes for compliance with security best practices and regulatory compliance
  • Develop and present to customers recommendations on enhancements to existing security profiles and product deployments
  • Architect IT security deployments, including both product and processes, that reflect best practices in the IT security industry
  • Develop written analyses of customer processes and procedures, assist customers in development of new written processes and procedures designed to enhance security profile and regulatory compliance
  • Installation, configuration and support of advanced security products and systems including Web services centric security and single sign on products (e.g., RSA Cleartrust)
  • Install and configure Web services infrastructure, e.g., MS SharePoint, WebLogic; this indicates basic familiarity with Web services scripting languages such as Java script, elementary .Net/C# scripting
  • Provide high level technical assistance to internal and external clients on IT security processes and products
  • As needed, provide training, give technical advice to customers and other support personnel
  • Positively influence customer satisfaction level with cb20-provided products and services, through meeting customer expectation, follow-up, and positive problem resolutions.
  • Plan and direct own activities with minimal management supervision
  • Maintain technical competence by keeping abreast of technology and technological developments, practices, procedures, etc.
  • Troubleshooting/analysis/evaluation:
    • Provide input for diagnosing deviations in performance and results to be able to take proper action for correction
    • Documentation: assist in gathering data to provide technical and administrative input.
    • Provide input and recommend changes to improve procedures and processes
    • Comply with all service-related policies and procedures

This list of principal responsibilities is a working document and as such may not be complete. The list will be supplemented as necessary.

Qualification Requirements/Job Specifications

Proven proficiency in all supported products and ability to resolve problems of highest complexity. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills. Proficient at installing and supporting connectivity and high-end systems products efficiently and reliably. Excellent troubleshooting skills. Must maintain certification and demonstrate high level of competence on software and hardware as defined by management.

4 year college degree or equivalent experience & CISSP certification plus at least one of the following certificates: Compaq ASE, MCSE, Citrix CCEA and a wide area network certification (Cisco CCNA and/or Cisco CCDA) or active advancement towards these certifications.

Work Experience
4+ years of experience required in a technology environment including advanced systems integration experience.

A clear understanding of present and developing technology trends and the ability to analyze and make decisions regarding the system Integration group. Additionally, strong presentation and written skills are mandatory. Strong teamwork skills are also mandatory.

Ability to communicate effectively with all types of personalities. Ability to maintain regular and predictable attendance as defined by cb20’s attendance policy. Ability to meet performance standards as defined by departmental policy.

Physical Demands
  • Working time: Minimum 40 hours/week. All other times as defined by the demands of the customers and department needs.
  • Physical Dexterity: Must be able to travel and attend appointments on a daily basis.
  • Working Conditions: Requires substantial movement.
  • Psychological Stress Factors: System Integration duties require excessive concentration. Customer satisfaction at all costs may be stressful to some individuals.
  • Lifting/Carrying:Typically, no lifting in excess of 60 lbs.

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