An Experience Above

cb20 is a Saratoga Springs based leading technology solutions provider who is transforming the way organizations bring IT innovations to the workplace. By pairing world-class engineering talent, 30+ years of experience and partnerships with the world’s leading hardware and software companies is how we deliver confidence, security and above all else, “An Experience Above”.

Whether you’re a large, multi-location institution or a small business looking for every advantage, we’ll get your organization running effectively, efficiently and optimally with category-leading IT services, products and a new level of top-rated customer service.

What truly sets cb20 apart from our competition? The entire foundation of our organization, from the candidates we hire to the technology companies we choose to partner with, is built around the following 5 pillars:

We Are Customer First

Everything we do is centered around our customers. The services we provide. The team members we choose. The training, technology, and resources we deftly wield. The strategic expertise and day-to-day service we deliver.

Our dedication, dependability, responsiveness, accountability, and deep sense of responsibility are all about one thing: our customers. Every single day, we demonstrate-and our customer satisfaction scores prove-that cb20 is truly An Experience Above.

We Are Growing

cb20 is growing-carefully and intelligently. We're expanding our services and increasing the value of our current and future solutions. We're building the best team in the business; people who care, understand and can help us maintain and increase our category-leading position. We're servicing a more diverse customer base across a wider geographical area. We're investing in our brand, marketing, and communications. More of the right people know about us and more of them are choosing cb20.

We're staying one step ahead of today's challenges by investing in best-in-class people, technology, and solutions so our customers can meet today's needs and realize tomorrow's opportunities.

We Are Active Members of Our Community

Our connection to our community is an essential element of who we are. We're not some nameless, faceless, corporation with tenuous ties to its place of business. This is where we work, live, and play. This is where many of us grew up. This is where we volunteer as a team, friends, and neighbors. This is where we support our region's businesses as patrons and partners. Increasingly, our customers can be found elsewhere, but New York's Capital Region is our home.

We Are Culture Focused

We are no ordinary workplace. Our people are the best and the brightest and we equip them with the right training, tools, technologies, and solutions. We nurture a dynamic, challenging, collaborative, supportive, intelligent, curious, and vibrant environment; an environment where every single team member can impact our success and the success of our customers. We have fun, celebrate our wins, and learn from our challenges.

By aggressively investing in our team members' careers, we offer far more than a job-we cultivate retention, long- term stability, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in ensuring cb20 is not just a great place to work, but the best place to work.

We Are Exceptional

We are leaders, and stay that way through continuous innovation and intelligent investment. We deliver and consistently demonstrate category-defining strategy, solutions, results, and customer satisfaction. Where others promise, we deliver. Where others attain mediocrity,
we excel. Where our competition fails, we succeed. We are partners to our customers
in every sense and we serve them responsibly, dependably, and tirelessly.

We are the leading Managed IT services firm in Upstate NY. We have the team, strategy, resources, drive, and expertise to maintain and grow this position, the success of our customers, and our competitive advantage.